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After several years working in the quick house sale industry, we know the in’s and out’s as to how things work.

Our advice is genuinely free and based on our full understanding of how cash property buying firms operate. When you want to sell your house but it just won’t sell on the open market a cash sale may be your only option – however there are certain pitfalls you need to steer clear of.

With our assistance through this website and following the advice given by the NAPB, we will point you in the direction of getting your house sold quickly without the hassle of estate agents and without falling victim to an online scam.

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Need To Sell Your Home? We Can Help!

Our industry experience allows us to help UK homeowners who want to sell their homes to get a fair price and a quick sale without falling victim to the many scams online.


We Offer Free Impartial Advice

We don’t buy your house from you – we simply advise you on your best options when it comes to selling your home.


We Can Get You A Free Cash Valuation

We work closely with trusted, safe and vetted cash property buying companies in the UK whom can give you a cash quote for your property.


We Help You Sell When You Need To

By letting us know when and how you want to sell your home we can get you the best possible price for your property without paying any fees to us or our chosen cash buying partner.

Help! I Need To Sell My House ASAP. Your Questions Answered.

Get The Answers You Need To Selling Your Home Quickly In The UK Market. Our Free Guide Is Here To Assist You Make The Best Choices.

How Can You Help When I Need To Sell My House?

I need to sell my house ASAP, how can you assist me?

When you need to sell your house but don’t know what to do, whether you have gone to a traditional estate agent and it hasn’t worked for you – or you don’t want the hassle of dealing with agents and viewings, a cash property sale could be the solution you need.

Most cash property buying firms are able to offer you a guaranteed quick house sale in a matter of days and for a cash price. The likelihood is dealing with cash property buyers won’t get you full market value for your home. However you are getting the benefit of a fast sale when you need it.

For most people looking to sell their homes quickly the word ‘need’ has significant motivation to make you want speed over price.

Other options when you need to sell a property now include an assisted house sale. With an assisted sale a cash buying company will often give you an upfront payment for your home, and then they will actively market the property on your behalf until it sells.

I need to sell my house as is. Do you buy regardless of the condition it is in?

We don’t physically buy any properties, however when you want to sell your property and it’s not in the best of conditions a cash buying company can assist you. We have teamed up with some of the industries best ‘we buy any house’ companies to get you the best possible price in the shortest timeframe for properties that wouldn’t normally sell on the open market. Make sure to use our free valuation tool to find out what price they would pay for your home.

I want to sell my house and rent it back, can you help?

When you want to sell your house and still live in it the chances are the company offering this are doing so illegally. At present there are no sale and rent back schemes available in the UK and any company offering one is doing so illegally.

We suggest you do your homework on sale and rent back schemes before you sign up to anything.

I want to sell my house to a property developer, can you find an investor willing to buy my home?

Most property investors would not pay full market value for your home, and often it’s not a guaranteed sale. A number of investors rely on mortgages, and as we all know mortgage situations can change rapidly. We suggest you get a quote from a cash buying firm first before considering selling to a property investor or developer. Our free valuation tool can help you find a quote from a cash buyer that can be trusted.

I need to sell my house but also need full market value. What are my options?

Being completely truthful with you, there is no option available for a guaranteed quick house sale and full market value. If you need full asking price for your property your best bet is holding out on the open market. Although this can be time consuming and tedious, all property eventually sells. If you need a fast sale then using a cash buying firm is the only want to guarantee your house sells.

I want to sell my house to my buy another, can you assist with this?

Of course! As we work closely with cash buying firms we can guarantee you a fast house sale, putting the cash in the bank in a matter of days. This puts you in a powerful position as a cash buyer yourself for your next on-ward purchase, meaning you can negotiate a substancial discount on the asking price.

I want to sell my house but my wife doesn't, can you still assist?

If you want to sell your home but your wife/husband/partner is refusing, and they are named on the mortgage, you will need to seek legal advice before contacting us. There are often cases where a mediator can step in to assist you.

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